The Clamps - S & A [Kosen Production]

The Clamps — S & A [Kosen Production]

Опубликовано: 11 апр. 2016 г.Out now ►

Passion, dedication and hard work — Kosenprod is a label which is all about these things and more. Created back in 2011, the label is known to cross boundaries between bass music, techno and drum & bass, with a diverse roster of artists and producers all with an eye and an ear for creativity and sincerity.

One such artist is The Clamps. Graduating from techno, to breaks and trance, to d&b, the producer values everything hard and extreme, taking his influences and creating something new. All of this is showcased on the new release, the Aekon EP.

Aekon is stunning. Right from the intro, all the way through the track, The Clamps means business. Slowly building up, the producer adds layers of sounds, from the complex and involving drum work through to bass and percussion. Things drop down quickly, with booming, punchy beats and attitude-filled background. Engaging, serious and ever-so addictive, this one is set to be huge. Take a trip through the known universe and beyond with The Clamps.

Powerful rhythms correspond with the melody tracks and creepy movie samples top things off. Clubs are going to explode whenever Aekon gets dropped, guaranteed. Make sure you don’t hesitate, get involved now.

Don’t turn away for a second as things heat up again, showing off the full range of The Clamps’ talent. The Aekon EP is another huge release for Kosenprod, further ensuring their place at the very top. Essential.

Available exclusively on Beatport: April 11th, 2016.
Worldwide release: April 25th, 2016.

The Clamps is a fellow member of «Enter The Grid», Tour & Booking Agency :

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