The Disappearance of Michael Rockefeller

The Disappearance of Michael Rockefeller

Опубликовано: 10 июл. 2016 г.On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show by talking about two people in Oregon County, Mississippi say they came across an unknown animal that looked like a mix between a dog and a kangaroo. Then, an unusual story about a headless railway conductor seen patrolling a particular section of track looking for his missing head taken from the Chicago Tribune newspaper January 15, 1890. Then, Kit Parker a bio-engineer at Harvard a recently created a small robot stingray that uses real living rat cells. Parker’s robotic stingray is tiny—a bit more than half an inch long—and weighs only 10 grams. But it glides through liquid with the very same undulating motion used by fish like real stingrays and skates. The robot is powered by the contraction of 200,000 genetically engineered rat heart-muscle cells grown on the underside of the bot. Even stranger, Parker’s team developed the robot to follow bright pulses of light, allowing it to smoothly twist and turn through obstacle courses. Then, numerous governments around the world are slowly coping with the idea that the worldwide population has a right to know whether or not we are alone in the universe. In fact, the disclosure movement has never been as strong as it is today with countless Military officers, government officials, and astronauts speaking out about the existence of alien life and Alien spacecraft. Recently the FBI released some of these documents, and whats on them will shock you. After the break Cam brings up one of the strangest missing person stories in recent years. Born in 1938, Michael Clark Rockefeller was the son of New York governor and later Vice President Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, and was a fourth generation member of the Rockefeller family, one of the richest, most powerful, and influential families in America at the time. Michael had long had a passionate interest in art, especially in primitive and tribal art, and in 1957 helped established the first ever museum solely dedicated to such art, the Museum of Primitive Art, in Manhattan. Rockefeller was also an adventurer at heart, and yearned to travel to faraway lands and meet exotic tribes. It was this profound interest in art and his desire to experience another world that would eventually bring Michael Rockefeller across the world to the remote and little understood, mysterious land of what was then Dutch New Guinea. While exploring in that area he disappeared during an expedition in the Asmat region of southwestern Netherlands New Guinea. In 2014, Carl Hoffman published a book that went into detail about the inquest into his killing, in which villagers and tribal elders admit to Rockefeller being killed after he swam to shore in 1961. Despite these claims, no remains or other proof of his death have ever been discovered. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives. You can email the show at or call the show at 817-945-3828. Have a great week!

Show Notes:
◾Dogman? Two People Spot Kangaroo-Dog Hybrid in Missouri
◾Ghost of the Beheaded Conductor
◾This Swimming Stingray Robot Is Powered by Real, Living Rat Cells
◾FBI releases document with detail of Alien bodies, spacecraft and planet
◾FBI Vault Online Database
◾Michael Rockefeller
◾What Really Happened to Michael Rockefeller
◾Unraveling the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller
◾Netflix Documentary: Cannibals Ate Michael Rockefeller Alive


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◾Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin
◾Vibe Vendetta
◾My Other Love
◾How We Do

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