Twisted's Darkside Podcast 131 - Thrasher

Twisted's Darkside Podcast 131 — Thrasher

Опубликовано: 14 мая 2013 г.Twisted's Darkside Podcast, is published courtesy of Al Twisted's Scottish based «Twisted Events» company. Every week Twisted brings you a brand new, fresh and exclusive mix! Mixes cover a range of styles from Mainstream Hardcore / Gabber to Industrial Hardcore, Frenchcore and Terror!

Every week you can hear the mixes first of all on Monday night's on the world's biggest Hardcore Radio station and then on Tuesday's are made available to download direct from the Twisted Website at and also from I-tunes (just type in «Twisted's Darkside» into Podcasts!)

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Twisted's Darkside Podcast 131
«XTRM Set»
Country: Netherlands
Style: Industrial Hardcore

01. The DJ Producer — Journeys Never End (TTM)
02. Dither — Adopted The Dark (PRSPCT XTRM)
03. Detest — Hedon (Future Sickness)
04. Limewax — Riget (PRSPCT)
05. Lowroller vs Cooh — Decimate (Nekrolog1k)
06. BSA — Dream On — Yellow Stripe
07. Dither — Digital Chemistry (PRSPCT XTRM)
08. The Hard Way (Limewax, Thrasher & Bong Ra) — Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers (PRSPCT)
09. Deathmachine — The Journey VIP (Nekrolog1k)
10. Detest — Every Second (Future Sickness)
11. Sei2ure — I Am God (PRSPCT XTRM)
12. I:Gor — Total Confusion (PRSPCT)
13. Bong Ra — Fallen Sons (Lowroller Remix) (PRSPCT RVLT)
14. Sei2ure — War (PRSPCT XTRM)
15. Detest — Not Far --(Smackdown)
16. The Hard Way (Limewax, Thrasher & Bong Ra) — Pentagram Of Coke (PRSPCT)
17. Delta 9 & Fiend — Legion (PRSPCT XTRM)
18. The DJ Producer & Deathmachine — Hallucinations (Rebelscum) The DJ Producer & Bong Ra — The Abominable (PRSPCT XTRM)
19. Bong Ra — Crawlers (Akira Remix) (PRSPCT RVLT)
20. Detest — Shotgun (PRSPCT XTRM)
21. The DJ Producer & Deathmachine — Hell-E-Vator (Rebelscum)
22. Akira — XTRM Is What We Are (PRSPCT XTRM)

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