Unkle - Live @ BBC Essential Mix [2002] HQ HD

Unkle — Live @ BBC Essential Mix [2002] HQ HD

Опубликовано: 25 янв. 2014 г.WATCH IN HD !
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Unkle Sounds — Live @ BBC Essential Mix, 2002
Source: MP3 @ 192 Kbps


Tracklist :

Unkle Sounds

Unkle Sounds — Intro (Acetate)
Unkle Ft Richard Ashcroft — 'Lonely Years (Unkle Sounds Edit)' (Acetate)
Unkle Sounds — Interlude # 1
Georgio Moroder — 'Song For My Father' (White Label)
DJ Shadow — 'Organ Donor' (Mo'Wax)
DJ Shadow — 'Organ Doner (remix)' (Mo-Wax)
Unkle Sounds — Interlude # 2
DMX 'Who We Be' with Tears for Fears 'Shout'
Queens of the Stone Age — 'Feel Good Hit Of the Summer' (Interscope)
Unkle — 'Untitled' (Acetate)
Unklesounds — Interlude # 3
Kraftwerk — 'Numbers' with Whitney Houston ' I Wanna Dance With Somebody' (Acetate)
Howie B — 'Hey Jack' (Polydor)
Beatles — 'Tomorrow Never Knows (Unklesounds Edit)' (Acetate)
Mercury Rev — 'Holes (Unknown Edit)' (Acetate)
Forne -'Percussive Thinking' (Acetate)
Bushwacka — 'The Egyptian' (Plank)
MeatKatie — 'Untitled' (Acetate)
Lee Burbidge — 'Found' (White Label)
Halo — 'Dark Clouds' (White Label)
Kevin Swain + Clive Henry — 'Underground Sound' (Acetate)
Peace Division — 'Seriously Twisted' (Low recordings)
Mode — 'Ludovicos Technique' (New Religion)
Radiohead — 'Everything In it's Right Place (Unkle Sounds Edit)' (Acetate)
Layo + Bushwacka — 'Untitled' (Acetate)
Fleetwood Mac — 'The Chain' (Acetate)
John Lennon — 'Instant Karma' (Apple)
Unkle Sounds — Outro (Acetate)

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