Upgrade - Psytrance SuperSet 2015

Upgrade — Psytrance SuperSet 2015

Опубликовано: 14 окт. 2015 г.Upgrade — Superset 2015
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Our new Superset with our best Music and Some New stuff is finally out. Enjoy the music and share the love :)

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0:00 Upgrade — DreamWorld
2:15 Upgrade — Spanish
7:32 Upgrade & Azax Syndrom- The Universe
14:00 Upgrade — Sasuke
17:33 Upgrade & Blastoyz — Moments
23:58 Upgrade — The Beyond
29:09 Yahel & Liya & Izen — Waves of sound Upgrade Rmx
33:06 Upgrade — We Love Brazil
37:31 Yahel — I.M Legend — Upgrade Rmx
41:31 Upgrade- Test The Limits
45:21 Upgrade — Power of the March
50:15 Upgrade — Dropland (2015 Edit)
53:28 Upgrade & Mister Netz- Another Dimension

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The Melody Factory Album: http://bit.ly/MelodyFactory

More Upgrade:

Upgrade, Udi Pilo and Raz Kfir from Israel, are considered to be a worldwide phenomenon and the biggest break of the electronic Trance scene in the last three years .

Everyone who has been exposed to their unique music cannot remain indifferent, and they have been raising the bar with each new release and performance. Upgrade's unique sound, melodic motifs and monstrous beats keep creating successful party anthems (Baileys, Day Dream, The Chakra Flow with Azax Syndrom & more) that have been playing constantly around the world and puts them in the front row with the biggest names in the scene. Their uplifting melodic full power Trance music has carved a special path for them in the world of Psytrance

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