Venetian Snares - Rossz Csillag Alatt Született (Full album)

Venetian Snares — Rossz Csillag Alatt Született (Full album)

Опубликовано: 16 авг. 2012 г.Now that my account is enabled for long videos, I may start putting a few full albums up. I won't make a habit of it, though, cause I'd like to keep my privilege of posting long videos. I'll start with Venetian Snares, since no one ever puts his full albums up.

Aaron «Venetian Snares» Funk is one of the artists most in the forefront of the breakcore genre. This was the second of the three studio LPs he put out in the year 2005. It combines elements of hardcore jungle with samples from orchestral music in his signature odd meters, such as 7/4. Rather than Funk's usual style of taking the piss out of the samples he uses, he appeared to incorporate these elements as an aesthetic expression. This would later be elaborated upon in his 2007 follow-up «My Downfall (Original Soundtrack)», albeit with fewer of the abrasive jungle elements displayed on this record, and others. Inspired by a recent trip to Hungary and a vision of himself as a pigeon sitting atop a roof, the titles of the album and all of its tracks are in Hungarian, while the album artwork depicts a flock of pigeons and two of the tracks are about pigeons. The track «Második Galamb» inspired a painting of the same name by Christopher Umana, which would later be used as the cover of Funk's 2010 album «My So-Called Life».

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