Videoset Fernanda Martins & Sheefit - 4 deck set - @ Apokalypsa: 15 Years (Brno/CZ)

Videoset Fernanda Martins & Sheefit — 4 deck set — @ Apokalypsa: 15 Years (Brno/CZ)

Опубликовано: 12 мар. 2014 г.Here's the videoset from Fernanda Martins and Sheefit at Apokalypsa 15 years 28/02/2014. Check out how they combined their skills and talent into this 2 hour set!

Our Brazilian artist Fernanda Martins is considered to be one of the biggest female names of the world's techno scene. She has performed in some of the most amazing clubs and festivals around the globe. With her amazing mix technique, great charisma and her fun way to communicate with the crowd, Fernanda Martins does not leave anyone indifferent. She's known for her excellent music sellection, her use of cuts, scratches and effects to create her detailed, precise and explosive mixes. She also performs the most pure techno under her alias Dot Chandler.

Sheefit was born in born in 1982 (Campinas city, Sao Paulo ,
Brasil) and she got passionate about electronic beats already at10 years old.
The 90´s dance music introduced her to the world of DJ's when she didn't even know what a mixer was. From then on she started to spin at little parties of her friends.
Nowadays she's paired up with Eto and they perform under their alias 'Eto&Gab'

Together these two beautiful ladies combined their forces into this amazing set! Of course you want to watch these two beauties live in this videoset, but you can also listen to it, share and download it on this Soundcloudpage:

Adrian Valera — Take That (Instigator Remix)
OBI — Girls Love Techno
MOX «Therapy» (Svetec RMX)
Buchecha — No Break (Jan Fleck RMX)
Instigator — Feels Level Bootleg
Satoshi Honjo — Pianie (diogo Ramos Remix)
Golpe — Get Your Ass Up and Jump
Viper XXL — Support & Resistance
Golpe — Dark Side
Alex Jockey — Technosfera (Theo Jahlion Remix)
Instigator — Feel the Rush
Viper XXL — Do's and Dont's
Buchecha — The Number of the Girl (Svetec Remix)
Xavier — Blood and Diamonds
Felix Krocher — High Pressure
Mechanical Brothers «Bang the Fucking Walls» (RMX)
Sheefit — Pure
Arkus P & Sepromatiq — Gigaset
Unknown Artist — Definition of Torments
O.B.I. — Still Alive(Slugos RMX)
TiltHammer — Run for Your Life
The Project — Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker
Svetec — Epic
O.B.I. & Julyukie — Give it to Me
Viper XXL — Nothing Matters (Bootleg)
Mechanical Brothers — Heart Techno
Menctal Crush — Dark Place
Dr. Chekill & Scott Kemix — I know What You Did
Sheefit — The Process
OBI — Guilty 2010
Theo Jahlion — Lets Play
O.B.I. — Brasil Connection
Bart Shadow & Sheefit -We Are One
Mental Crush — Weird String
Sepromatic & Jason Little — I Smell Your Fear

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